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PetFirst 2015 Testimonials Contest

SUBMIT YOUR MEMBER STORY FOR A CHANCE TO WIN! Are you a PetFirst policyholder with a great story to share? If so, tell us for a chance to be featured on our website, Facebook page, and in our monthly Scoop! newsletter. Read on for more details. Do you have a great PetFirst story to share?  […]

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PetFirst Testimonial of the Month – December Member Story

Congratulations to Brenda McClanahan as our December Testimonial of the Month winner! “I found Mojo feasting on a packet of homemade scones that were chock-full of chocolate chips.  They had apparently fallen unnoticed out of our upright freezer when we got something out.  The packet contained three scones and was wrapped in several layers of […]

Pet Insurance Claim of the Month – December 2014

DECEMBER’S PETFIRST PET INSURANCE CLAIM OF THE MONTH $1,858.69 paid to the family of Bumble, a Rottweiler from Indiana Bumble, a 10 year old Rottweiler, woke his mommy up one morning at 4 am to go out, which was unusual.  His pet parent then noticed that he had thrown up twice, again not normal.  Bumble […]

Pet Insurance Claim of the Month – November 2014

NOVEMBER’S PETFIRST PET INSURANCE CLAIM OF THE MONTH $2,494.89 paid to the family of Emma, an English Mastiff from Massachusetts Emma, a 2 year old English Mastiff, has a big appetite befitting of a dog of her size, however one day this monstrous appetite got her into big trouble. She wound up ingesting a plastic […]

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PetFirst Testimonial of the Month – September Member Story

Congratulations to Alexandra Price as the winner of our September PetFirst Testimonial Monthly Giveaway! “When Gunner was around 1 year old I got horribly sick with the flu and was bedridden for a solid 3 days; it took all my energy to get up and feed Gunner and take him out.  Typically a rambunctious ball […]

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The PetFirst 10th Anniversary Sweepstakes

Celebrate 10 years of PetFirst protection, with chances to WIN for everyone in our 10th Anniversary Sweepstakes! Many things can happen in ten years. Here at PetFirst, there have been many changes since our humble beginning in 2004, but one thing that hasn’t changed is our pride in protecting pets with top-of-the-line pet insurance. To […]

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Cat Obesity – Signs Your Cat May be Living Too Large

PetFirst shares the signs of cat obesity, the dangerous side effects of having an overweight cat, and how you can make changes. Feeding your cat extra treats or cuddling for longer naps, may be hurting her more than showing her love.  It may be leading to an overweight or obese cat.  In fact more than […]

Rare Autoimmune Disease in Dog Leads to Extensive Treatment

PetFirst pet insurance reimburses pet owner $10,000 for care received in treatment. Autoimmune diseases are common in humans, but in pets too?  Trapper, a six-year old Labradoodle, and his family now know the extensive care needed and how dreadful a disease such as Evans Syndrome, an autoimmune disease in dogs, can be. “Evans Syndrome is […]

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Spring Safety Tips for Your Pet from PetFirst

Important tips to keep in mind as prepare for the spring and summer with your pet. Spring has officially arrived!  You do things to prepare your family, home and car for spring, but what about preparing your pet for spring too?  PetFirst has the following helpful tips for getting your fur-friend ready to spring into […]

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Understanding Pet Insurance

Just like auto, renters and homeowners insurance, pet insurance can be confusing.  Understanding pet insurance and finding the best plan for you and your pet requires some homework.  But the end result means peace of mind from veterinary expenses. PetFirst offers these “buyer beware” tips when trying to understand pet insurance and while searching for […]