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Meet The PetFirst Pet Insurance Team: Chelsea Mull, Digital Marketing Manager

Your name: Chelsea Mull How long have you been working at PetFirst: 5 wonderful years Pets at home: Ari, an 8-year-old Shih Tzu What is your role at PetFirst? I am the Digital Marketing Manager, which means I am responsible for the content you are reading now, and all aspects of e-commerce for PetFirst. I […]

Why Your Veterinarian Is Worth Every Penny

There are several questions that run through a pet owner’s mind when taking their pet to the vet: “What could be wrong with my poor, sweet baby?” “Do I need to pick up flea/tick medicine while I’m here?” And of course… “How much is this going to cost?”  While we all feel we are paying […]

Pet Insurance Claim of the Month: Electric Shock

A recent PetFirst claim reminds us all to keep our cords hidden from our pets, especially during this time of year when extra cords can be found around the house from lights. A brief overview of the claim: Electrical Shock for Gipper (7-year-old Mixed Breed Dog) Vet Bill:                 $941.40 PetFirst Paid:     $757.27 The story: […]