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Pet enrichment ideas and tutorials for dog owners and cat owners.

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PetFirst Testimonial of the Month – October Member Story

Congratulations to Thomas Atkins as the winner of our October Testimonial Monthly Giveaway! “About two years ago, Ladybug became infected with some significant malady. She went downhill very fast, losing energy. Her face began to swell. At one point she didn’t even look like our dog anymore! She clearly needed to be hospitalized. The Animal […]

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PetFirst Testimonial of the Month – September Member Story

Congratulations to Alexandra Price as the winner of our September PetFirst Testimonial Monthly Giveaway! “When Gunner was around 1 year old I got horribly sick with the flu and was bedridden for a solid 3 days; it took all my energy to get up and feed Gunner and take him out.  Typically a rambunctious ball […]

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PetFirst Testimonial of the Month – August Member Story

Congratulations to Elise Popowitz as the winner of our August PetFirst Testimonial Monthly Giveaway! “This is BUG, she is a 2lb Yorkie. She was surrendered to a Los Angeles shelter. The puppy mill she came from threw her out because she was flawed. I rescued her. The best of everything. Took her everywhere with me. […]

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Is your pet’s illness an isolated incident or a chronic condition?

PetFirst lets you know how you and your pet can prepare for unexpected recurring conditions. In most scenarios, sicknesses come and go.  But that isn’t always the case.  Unfortunately, people and pets alike can develop illnesses that require ongoing treatment, care, or medication for years, sometimes even for the rest of their lives. These costs […]

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PetFirst Testimonial of the Month – July Member Story

Congratulations to Ann Urbancic as the winner of our July PetFirst Testimonial Monthly Giveaway! “I have a beautiful mixed breed dog, Holly.  She is 8 years old and has been with me for the last three years.  We recently discovered a mass on her and had it removed.  Come to find out it was a […]

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The PetFirst 10th Anniversary Sweepstakes

Celebrate 10 years of PetFirst protection, with chances to WIN for everyone in our 10th Anniversary Sweepstakes! Many things can happen in ten years. Here at PetFirst, there have been many changes since our humble beginning in 2004, but one thing that hasn’t changed is our pride in protecting pets with top-of-the-line pet insurance. To […]

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10 Tips For Safe Summer Pet Travel

Are you planning to travel with your pet this summer? Did you know with PetFirst pet insurance, you can see any licensed veterinarian anywhere in the United States? If you’re traveling with your furry companion, you can rest assured knowing your pet is covered in case of unexpected accidents and illnesses. Of course, we want […]

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Show your pet some extra love during Pet Appreciation Week

June 1st through 7th is National Pet Appreciation Week! Isn’t it great to walk in the door after a long day at the office and have your pup come running up to greet you excitedly? Maybe you get home and get all settled in on the couch and the cat leaps up to sit on […]

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PetFirst Testimonial of the Month – May Member Story

Congratulations to Marian Richards as the winner of our May PetFirst Testimonial Monthly Giveaway! “Buttercup was adopted at birth from Poodle Rescue of Houston. Her mom was a surrender when she was pregnant.  She had four puppies and we chose our Buttercup. She was apricot colored at birth which is why we chose her name. […]