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5 Reasons Your New Kitten Needs Pet Insurance

The curiosity of the average cat is well known, and it can get the best of even the most well-behaved kitten as it continues growing and exploring. This usually leads to situations that are more adorable than dangerous, but when it’s the latter, pet insurance becomes an invaluable commodity. As recently illustrated with insurance for […]

Pet Insurance Claim Of The Month – March 2015

MARCH’S PETFIRST PET INSURANCE CLAIM OF THE MONTH! $4,877.32 paid to the family of Tiger, a Domestic Long Hair cat from Maryland Tiger, a 2 year old Domestic Long Hair cat, injured his right front paw when attempting to jump from a box to the countertop. His pet parents took him to the emergency vet […]

Pet Insurance Claim of the Month – January 2015

JANUARY’S PETFIRST PET INSURANCE CLAIM OF THE MONTH! $1,263.01 paid to the family of Boomer, a Miniature Australian Shepherd from Texas Boomer, a 2 year old Miniature Australian Shepherd, was attacked one night by suspected coyotes. His wounds were severe with extensive tissue damage and muscle tearing on both his left and right sides. After […]

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Health Scare for Chocolate Lab is Covered Thanks to Pet Insurance Plan

PetFirst pet insurance reimburses pet owner $9,000 for care received during emergency vet visit.  A curious dog and a holiday bandana are not a good mix, especially for Delilah, a 5-year-old Chocolate Labrador Retriever from Coconut Creek, Fla. “Delilah is a delightful dog, very playful and curious,” said Kimberly Bruce, pet parent to Delilah, Duke, […]

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Understanding Pet Insurance

Just like auto, renters and homeowners insurance, pet insurance can be confusing.  Understanding pet insurance and finding the best plan for you and your pet requires some homework.  But the end result means peace of mind from veterinary expenses. PetFirst offers these “buyer beware” tips when trying to understand pet insurance and while searching for […]

Gift Giving? Give The Gift Of PetFirst Pet Insurance

YOU CAN PROTECT YOUR PET WHILE SAVING MONEY WITH PET INSURANCE. You’ve made your gift list for the holidays.  Maybe you’ve even checked it twice.  Does your gift list include affordable pet insurance for your family’s dog or cat? “Pet insurance is more affordable than most people think.  The average monthly premium with PetFirst is […]

What To Look For When Purchasing Pet Insurance

To align with the interview we’re doing on TPPC.tv, we wanted to share our list of questions to ask with customers searching for pet insurance. Purchasing pet insurance can be a confusing process. Pet insurance is not classified in the same manner as human insurance, which can make the disconnect between health coverage for a […]

Thinking Of Kenneling Your Pet?

Thinking of Kenneling Your Pet? Know the Symptoms of Canine Kennel Cough Many pet owners only associate it with newly adopted pets, but kennel cough is very contagious.  It can be spread to any pet kept in close proximity to another. With colder weather and the holidays impending, plans of traveling to warmer climates for […]