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Job and Career opportunities at PetFirst pet insurance.

Meet The PetFirst Pet Insurance Team: Chelsea Mull, Digital Marketing Manager

Your name: Chelsea Mull How long have you been working at PetFirst: 5 wonderful years Pets at home: Ari, an 8-year-old Shih Tzu What is your role at PetFirst? I am the Digital Marketing Manager, which means I am responsible for the content you are reading now, and all aspects of e-commerce for PetFirst. I […]

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Understanding Pet Insurance

Just like auto, renters and homeowners insurance, pet insurance can be confusing.  Understanding pet insurance and finding the best plan for you and your pet requires some homework.  But the end result means peace of mind from veterinary expenses. PetFirst offers these “buyer beware” tips when trying to understand pet insurance and while searching for […]

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Checklist for Responsible Pet Owners from PetFirst

Responsible and pet owner are two terms that should go hand-in-hand, and for most pet owners it does.  As we recognize February as National Responsible Pet Owner Month, PetFirst takes a look at a few of the guidelines when it comes to being a responsible pet owner. Now we’re not talking the basics….we all know […]

Heart Disease and Your Pet

Heart disease can happen in dogs and cats, just as it does in humans.  It can either be congenital, meaning they were born with it and is typically diagnosed when they are young; or it is acquired, developing over time because of other health conditions.  As our pets age, their risk for heart disease increases.  […]

PetFirst Offers Senior Pet Insurance Plans

PETFIRST HAS PET INSURANCE PLANS FOR PETS OF ALL AGES, EVEN OVER AGE 10. All pets need added protection; however, senior pets (pets 10 years and older) are more at risk therefore additional protection in the form of pet insurance is crucial. Senior pets run a higher risk for complications including arthritis, diabetes, kidney disease […]

Gift Giving? Give The Gift Of PetFirst Pet Insurance

YOU CAN PROTECT YOUR PET WHILE SAVING MONEY WITH PET INSURANCE. You’ve made your gift list for the holidays.  Maybe you’ve even checked it twice.  Does your gift list include affordable pet insurance for your family’s dog or cat? “Pet insurance is more affordable than most people think.  The average monthly premium with PetFirst is […]

The Benefits of Adopting a Senior Pet

SENIOR PET ADOPTION AND OWNERSHIP LEADS TO YEARS OF COMPANIONSHIP AND LOVE. The care and well-being of Senior Pets is a growing concern across the United States.  PetFirst wants to help change this by discussing the list of benefits when it comes to adopting a Senior Pet. Less destruction and more manners:  Senior dogs and […]