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Dog Breed Health Spotlight: Yorkshire Terrier

One of the most popular breeds in America, Yorkshire Terriers are affectionate dogs who love playing and exploring. One of the smallest breeds, the average Yorkie weighs somewhere between four and seven pounds. When they’re not busy being energetic backyard adventurers, they have no issues curling up in an owner’s lap and being snuggled on for […]

Not spaying your female dog? Here’s what you need to know about dog periods.

One of our PetFirst employees was looking at adding a new addition, a female miniature poodle, to his family and was weighing the option of not spaying her. We thought – I bet other pet owners are weighing the same decision! So, we decided to do the research for you, to help educate you on […]

Meet the PetFirst Pet Insurance Team: Tamzin Bennett, Customer Service Representative

Your name: Tamzin Bennett How long have you been working at PetFirst: 4 Months Pets at home (name, age, species, breed): Gizmo, 3, Dog, Pomeranian/Terrier Mix Nugget. 7, Cat, American Shorthair What is your role at PetFirst? I work in the customer service department at PetFirst where I work directly with pet parents to help […]

Is Clicker Training Right for You and Your Dog?

If you have a dog, you probably have heard how clicker training is supposed to be more fun (and effective) for both you and your dog. It is also touted as enabling a faster learning turnaround than the more traditional voice command training.  Hearing that clicker training is a better option, you may have tried […]

Meet the PetFirst Pet Insurance Team: Taryn Pearson, Director of Human Resources

Your name: Taryn Pearson How long have you been working at PetFirst: Soon to be 5 years Pets at home (name, age, species, breed): Cupcake, 8 years-old, cat; and Sadie, 5 years-old, black Labrador retriever What is your role at PetFirst? Director of Human Resources – I love when I am at recruiting events because […]

Changing Your Dog’s Food: Not as easy and just buying and filling the bowl

There are times in your dog’s life where changing their food is necessary or beneficial to your pet. I hadn’t given it much thought until looking at my 7-year-old Shih Tzu’s food bag one day- it was made for adult dogs 1-6 years of age. Gasp! Our sweet little baby was no longer a baby, […]

My Pet Is Sick. I Can’t Afford The Veterinary Care They Need.

Unfortunately, many times pet owners learn about pet insurance after it is too late- they are at the emergency clinic with a pet that is very sick or has sustained an extensive injury. Pet insurance cannot cover pre-existing conditions, so many pet parents have to look for other avenues to get the vet care and […]

CJ, a German Shorthaired Pointer, Wins Best in Show at Westminster: We break down the good, the not so good, and the adorableness of this breed

The German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) was bred for hunting in 19th century Germany. They are known for their strong, powerful legs that allow them to turn quickly and speedily. Let’s learn a little bit more about the breed that took home the “Best In Show” at this year’s Westminster Dog Show. Breed Stats Size:   […]