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Danielle Salice – pet lover and pet insurance reviewer, and mom to Capone.

The Benefits of Walking Dogs for an Animal Rescue Group – Guest Blogger: Danielle Salice

Starting Out: After doing some research on Last Chance At Life, and meeting them at a local event, I knew immediately this is the Rescue group I wanted to be join. After attending their orientation and mandatory hands-on training, which I think is the BEST idea (you learn all the ins and outs of their […]

Tips for those wanting to volunteer at an animal shelter: Guest Blogger, Danielle Salice

After losing my boy, Capone, in January, I was at a complete loss. He was with me EVERYDAY. As a certified Service Animal, he helped me overcome physical limitations after a bad car accident and together we volunteered at Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego, nursing homes and visited several special needs classrooms in both […]

What I Wish I Knew About Owning A Dog – Guest Blogger: Danielle Salice

Growing up in a home that always had German Shepherds— I thought I knew it all! They were the biggest, smartest and most loving dogs and didn’t require much (or, so I thought). What I didn’t realize was that owning a dog took A LOT of time, A LOT of patience and A LOT of […]