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Tips for Leaving your Cat at Home While Away

Many people choose to own cats because they require less care than canines: they’re very independent, don’t demand as much exercise and are able to entertain themselves when busy human schedules make playtime limited. Indeed, it is true that cats are incredibly self-sufficient in many ways, but sometimes (attitudes aside) they really do need us. […]

What is my cat trying to tell me

5 Things Your Cat is Trying to Tell You

Ah, cats. They’re notoriously aloof, unapologetically indifferent, and overall quite perplexing creatures. Although we develop strong bonds with our pets, the language barrier (or lack thereof) prevents them from telling us the handy tips that may help us crack the mystery of cats. Read on for a few things your cat may tell you if […]

5 Reasons Your New Kitten Needs Pet Insurance

The curiosity of the average cat is well known, and it can get the best of even the most well-behaved kitten as it continues growing and exploring. This usually leads to situations that are more adorable than dangerous, but when it’s the latter, pet insurance becomes an invaluable commodity. As recently illustrated with insurance for […]

The Importance of Pet Grooming

Pet grooming is a necessary part of pet ownership, whether you own a low maintenance short hair that only needs the occasional ear clean and nail trim, or you have a long haired animal that requires monthly hair cuts and daily brushing. The options out there for grooming are seemingly endless. There are dry shampoos […]

6 Tips For Springtime Pet Care

Spring means more quality time outdoors with your pet, but it also means that pets are going to be exposed to a lot of hazards that they’ve been sheltered from during the colder months- busy roadways, plants, bees, other animals, the list goes on and on. Here are some of our tips for making sure […]