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Training Can Improve Your Pet’s Focus And General Well-Being

For National Dog Month, we asked our team to share their fun training stories.  This one was shared by our claims manager: “A few years ago, I took some agility training classes with my Jack Russell, Gunner.  We competed in several events and had one last competition to complete a title.  This takes a lot […]

Bad Dog? It’s National Train Your Dog Month!

January is “Train Your Dog Month” and in recognizing the importance of training, the PetFirst team wants to share with you some experiences that we’ve had training our own pets!  Each week this month we will share a new story and would love to hear from each of you regarding a fun training experience that […]

Fighting Like Cats And Dogs

Dogs and cats aren’t exactly known for their civilized interactions with one another. Many pet owners feel their family just isn’t complete without one of each, but getting these two in the same room can be a daunting task. Introducing your new addition to the family can be traumatic or successful. Keeping a few simple […]

Winter Fitness Is Important

Despite the colder temperatures, it is still important to make sure your dog is getting plenty of exercise. Here are a few tips to keep your pet healthy in the winter months. Bring outdoor games indoors. Playing fetch, rolling a ball around and practicing obedience exercises are great ways to get your pooch’s blood pumping. […]