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career opportunities in the animal welfare industry or pet insurance industry

The Benefits of Adopting a Senior Pet

SENIOR PET ADOPTION AND OWNERSHIP LEADS TO YEARS OF COMPANIONSHIP AND LOVE. The care and well-being of Senior Pets is a growing concern across the United States.  PetFirst wants to help change this by discussing the list of benefits when it comes to adopting a Senior Pet. Less destruction and more manners:  Senior dogs and […]

Keep Your Pet Safe This Summer

Summer is almost here. Now is the time to brush up on warm weather safety tips so you and your pet can both beat the heat and enjoy the sun! With warmer weather moving in, it is likely that both you and your pet are becoming more active. We want to share with you some […]

What To Look For When Purchasing Pet Insurance

To align with the interview we’re doing on TPPC.tv, we wanted to share our list of questions to ask with customers searching for pet insurance. Purchasing pet insurance can be a confusing process. Pet insurance is not classified in the same manner as human insurance, which can make the disconnect between health coverage for a […]

Winter Weather Pet Care

Spring is just around the corner and sporadic warm weather can make us forget that cold season pet care is still important!  Here are some quick tips to help you and your pet make it through winter’s waning days safely. 1. The best way to protect your pet from the elements is to bring them indoors! […]

Bad Dog? It’s National Train Your Dog Month!

January is “Train Your Dog Month” and in recognizing the importance of training, the PetFirst team wants to share with you some experiences that we’ve had training our own pets!  Each week this month we will share a new story and would love to hear from each of you regarding a fun training experience that […]

Thinking Of Kenneling Your Pet?

Thinking of Kenneling Your Pet? Know the Symptoms of Canine Kennel Cough Many pet owners only associate it with newly adopted pets, but kennel cough is very contagious.  It can be spread to any pet kept in close proximity to another. With colder weather and the holidays impending, plans of traveling to warmer climates for […]

Your Daily Cup Of Coffee Could Cover The Cost Of Pet Insurance!

How often do you go to Starbucks, or any other coffee shop; maybe it is Dunkin Donuts? In a new report by the Consumerist, it is estimated that Americans spend $1,100 per year on coffee ($3 per day)! I love coffee as much as the next person, but this is a good chunk of money. Not […]

Choosing The Right Pet Insurance Company

There are several things to consider when choosing your pet healthcare provider. What is covered by your policy? Does it include coverage for routine expenses? Can you visit any veterinarian for treatment? How much is the deductible? What are the benefit limits? Does the company use a schedule of benefits or have per diagnosis limits? […]