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Best In Show

CJ, a German Shorthaired Pointer, Wins Best in Show at Westminster: We break down the good, the not so good, and the adorableness of this breed

The German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) was bred for hunting in 19th century Germany. They are known for their strong, powerful legs that allow them to turn quickly and speedily. Let’s learn a little bit more about the breed that took home the “Best In Show” at this year’s Westminster Dog Show. Breed Stats Size:   […]

Pet Cancer Signs & Symptoms

Cancer accounts for nearly half of all disease-related pet deaths every year. Dogs get cancer at nearly the same rate as humans (approximately one in four dogs will develop cancer at some point in his life). Half of all dogs over the age of 10 will develop cancer at some point. It is theorized that, […]

Nothing to fool about – Pet First Aid Awareness Month starts tomorrow

April 1, is a day generally associated with practical jokes and pranks, but pet safety is no joke. April 1 also marks the beginning of Pet First Aid Awareness Month, and while you may be prepared to deal with first aid emergencies for your human kids, many people don’t think to prepare a first aid […]

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Four Tips For Maintaining Your Pet’s Dental Health

Four Tips for Maintaining Your Pet’s Oral Health! Most of us brush our teeth twice a day without even thinking about it. Did you know that your dog’s (and your cat’s) oral health is just as important? In honor of February being Pet Dental Health Month, we bring you four tips for keeping your pet’s […]

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10 Strange Behaviors of Cats and Dogs

Do you think your pet acts strange? You are not alone! Whether your dog dances in circles before he lays down or your cat prefers sleeping in a box, the peculiar habits our pets have sometimes just leave us scratching our heads. These are just two examples of strange behavior many cats and dogs exhibit. […]

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Is your pet’s illness an isolated incident or a chronic condition?

PetFirst lets you know how you and your pet can prepare for unexpected recurring conditions. In most scenarios, sicknesses come and go.  But that isn’t always the case.  Unfortunately, people and pets alike can develop illnesses that require ongoing treatment, care, or medication for years, sometimes even for the rest of their lives. These costs […]

Acupuncture for Dogs and Cats

Alternative medicine is growing in popularity, and acupuncture for dogs and cats is on the rise. Acupuncture, a treatment used on horses and even cattle since the early 1900’s, is rising to become a commonplace veterinary treatment for dogs and cats. What is acupuncture? Merriam-Webster defines acupuncture as: “An originally Chinese practice of inserting fine […]

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Healthy Homemade Dog Treat Recipe

Treat your pup to a healthy snack with this great homemade dog treat recipe! Everywhere you look these days are reminders to pay attention to your health and diet:  Eat organic. Shop at farmer’s markets. Omit preservatives. Don’t ingest food dyes. Gluten? Forget it. We are realizing that additives in our food may have serious […]

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Cancer Diagnosis in Pets is a Growing Health Concern

PetFirst discusses diagnosis and the treatment of cancer in dogs and cats, plus how pet insurance can help in your pet’s care. Cancer diagnosis in pets has become as common as it is for humans.  Cancer accounts for almost half of the deaths of pets over the age of 10, primarily in dogs, while cats […]

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Cat Obesity – Signs Your Cat May be Living Too Large

PetFirst shares the signs of cat obesity, the dangerous side effects of having an overweight cat, and how you can make changes. Feeding your cat extra treats or cuddling for longer naps, may be hurting her more than showing her love.  It may be leading to an overweight or obese cat.  In fact more than […]