corneal ulcer in cat

Corneal Ulcers in Cats

What is a Corneal Ulcer? The cornea is the clear membrane on the surface of the eyeball. The cornea has three layers. The outermost layer is known as the epithelium and is very thin. Below the epithelial layer, there is a layer known as the stroma. The stroma is the supportive layer of the cornea. […]

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3 Commands Could Save Your Dog’s Life

Dogs generally want nothing more than to make their humans happy. You’re his pack leader, his hero, his bearer of food. But when it comes to learning commands, some dogs can be quite stubborn. However, these three basic commands could save your dog’s life. They’re generally the first ones they learn in obedience school, and […]

bile duct obstruction in cat

Bile Duct Obstruction in Your Cat

What is a Bile Duct Obstruction in Cats? Bile is a yellow-green fluid which is created and released by the cat’s liver and stored in the gallbladder. The bile stays in the gallbladder until food has been ingested. Once food is ingested, the bile is released into the small intestine to aid in digestion. If […]

how to get your dog involved in dog coursing agility events

How to Get Your Dog Involved in Dog Coursing

What Is Dog Coursing?       Lure coursing involves lures and pulleys which are designed to imitate the chase of live prey. In a coursing competition, your dog will be evaluated for follow, speed, endurance, agility and ability. In the competition, they will be in pursuit of a lure which zigzags throughout an open […]

Dog Wedding - Checklist for Including Your Dog In Your Wedding

How To Include Your Dog In Your Wedding

As you know, dogs are a part of our family and as such, many couples are opting to include their dog in their wedding ceremony. As fun as including your dog in your wedding day is, there are several items to check off your list to make having your dog in your wedding a smoother […]

Anemia in Cats - feline anemia

Anemia in Cats

What is Feline Anemia? Anemia in cats means they have a decrease in red blood cells. In a healthy cat, bone marrow responds to a low red blood cell count and increases the red blood cell production. If a cat has nonregenerative anemia, this means the bone marrow response is not sufficient enough to produce […]