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3 Commands Could Save Your Dog’s Life

Dogs generally want nothing more than to make their humans happy. You’re his pack leader, his hero, his bearer of food. But when it comes to learning commands, some dogs can be quite stubborn. However, these three basic commands could save your dog’s life. They’re generally the first ones they learn in obedience school, and […]

how to get your dog involved in dog coursing agility events

How to Get Your Dog Involved in Dog Coursing

What Is Dog Coursing?       Lure coursing involves lures and pulleys which are designed to imitate the chase of live prey. In a coursing competition, your dog will be evaluated for follow, speed, endurance, agility and ability. In the competition, they will be in pursuit of a lure which zigzags throughout an open […]

Dog Chewing Dresser - Behavior Issues for Dogs

Top 5 Behavioral Issues in Dogs

Our behavioral expert, Amber Drake, shares her top behavioral issues in dogs, which she addresses with many of her pet clients. Behavioral Problem 1: Aggression The most common behavioral issue in dogs is aggression. Why is this? The term ‘aggression’ refers to a large range of behaviors. Your dog may be guarding his food, growling when […]

Dog in Baby Nursery

How Do I Prepare My Dog For A New Baby?

First and foremost, congratulations on the impending arrival of your new bundle of joy. There are many first-time parents that worry bringing a baby home will disturb their dogs, whom many have treated as a first-born, and are concerned how they will respond to a newborn, and eventually a toddler, in the home. Our dogs […]