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The holidays are a busy time of year, and sometimes our pets get the brunt of this. Here are some holiday tips for dog and cat owners from PetFirst Pet Insurance.

4 Dog-Friendly Spring Break Destinations

Spring Break is almost here (though you wouldn’t know it in some parts of the country. Sorry, Northeastern US.), and that means fun for the whole family. If the whole family includes the four-legged members, you’re probably looking for a destination where your dog will be welcome, too. We’ve gathered four of the best dog-friendly […]

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Tips for Leaving your Cat at Home While Away

Many people choose to own cats because they require less care than canines: they’re very independent, don’t demand as much exercise and are able to entertain themselves when busy human schedules make playtime limited. Indeed, it is true that cats are incredibly self-sufficient in many ways, but sometimes (attitudes aside) they really do need us. […]