Meet the PetFirst Pet Insurance Team: Samantha Weldon, Account Executive

Rescue dog Trixie and pet owner Samantha

Samantha and her rescue pup, Trixie, hanging out!

Your name: Samantha Weldon    

How long have you been working at PetFirst: Almost 2 years          

Pets at home (name, age, species, breed): Trixie, 6 yrs old dog Norwegian buhund mix

What is your role at PetFirst? Account Executive in Animal Welfare

What did you do before working at PetFirst Pet Insurance? Account Management for an e-commerce company.

What attracted you to come work at PetFirst? The culture is amazing,

What is one of your favorite things about working at PetFirst? I love learning and growing personally and professionally from my amazing co-workers.

What is your ultimate dream job? I would love to be an event planner.

What is your life motto? Live everyday to the fullest

What was your first pet, and what was their name? Daisy, domestic short hair cat

Are you a dog or a cat person? Dog person

If you were an animal, what type of animal would you be and why? I would love to be a bird to fly freely from place to place.

What is your most memorable animal or pet experience? I found my first cat in my car, keeping warm. 

If you’re not working, where can you usually be found? I would love to be on the beach.

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