5 Reasons to Date Guys With Cats

Cat Guys Are Smart

A recent study showed that people who identified as “cat people” versus “dog people” consistently scored higher on intelligence assessment tests. That’s not to say that “dog people” aren’t smart, but chances are if your guy prefers cats to dogs, he’s got just a little bit of an edge in the brain game, and that’s a good way to start off a date.

They’re Obviously Adaptable

Cats aren’t exactly well-known for their dependence or consideration for your personal preferences. They’re perfectly fine on their own, and generally happy to connect every so often for a short chin scratch or belly rub (only one), then they’re content to go back to doing their own thing. Chances are, cat guys are much the same: not prone to smothering you, monopolizing your time, or being overly clingy.

They Don’t Mind Getting Their Hands Dirty

Male cat owners are used to scooping the litter box, cleaning up hairballs, and keeping the counters clean after little kitty feet have raced across them. They aren’t afraid to jump in with housework or do their fair share, likely under close supervision from someone else, like the cat. All of this means. . .

They’re Clean

Think about the guys you already know who share their home with cats. Their house or apartment is likely super clean. Cats don’t enjoy living in messy or filthy environments, and your cat-loving prospect likely keeps his home clean in order to keep the┬ápeace — and to keep his feline friend from staging a 3:00 am protest.

They Generally Love All Pets

Most cat guys have cats because they’re generally low maintenance and fit better with a busy lifestyle, but they tend to love all pets. So don’t be wary of a guy simply because he owns a cat (or two. . . or three. . .). Be wary of the guy who claims to dislike pets in general, because how could anyone dislike these little cuddly, furry friends who share our lives and homes?



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