Meet the PetFirst Pet Insurance Team: Brian Brown, IT Developer

Meet the PetFirst Pet Insurance Team- Brian BrownYour name: Brian Brown

How long have you been working at PetFirst: I started working at PetFirst on Dec 28, 2015.

Pets at home (name, age, species, breed): We have our dog Mocha, a 9 year old Cairn terrier; Milo, a 7 year old black and white tuxedo cat; and Maisie a 15 year old solid black cat; We also have 16 goldfish and 2 koi in our pond. Maisie was found in the basement window well at our church, and Milo was a rescue – we bottle fed him for 2 weeks until he could eat solid food. He could fit in the palm of my hand – now he’s HUGE!

What is your role at PetFirst? I am a software developer on the IT team. I fix issues with our software and help ensure that the data is accurate and up to date.

What did you do before working at PetFirst Pet Insurance? I was a web developer for a Louisville marketing company. I’ve worked with computers for a very long time. Prior to becoming a programmer, I worked as a carpenter and as a CAD draftsman.

What attracted you to come work at PetFirst? PetFirst provides a fun and rewarding work environment. And the people here care – since I’ve been here we’ve signed Valentines for sick kids and helped make baskets full of pet goodies to be auctioned off for a pet charity. Another benefit is that we have a product I can feel good about – keeping pets happy and healthy.

What is one of your favorite things about working at PetFirst? Almost every day I can expect to see at least one dog in the office. If I get stuck on an issue and need to clear my head, nothing works better than giving a sweet puppy a belly rub!

What is your ultimate dream job? Honestly, I really like being a programmer. But, given the chance I would love to be a racecar driver.

What is your life motto? Maya Angelou once said: “At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.” I’ve tried to instill that in my children, and I try to live with that in mind.

What was your first pet, and what was their name? When I was 10, my parents gave me a basset hound named Brandy.

Are you a dog or a cat person? I consider myself an animal person. I’ve been on whale and dolphin watching excursions, and had a membership to the Louisville Zoo for 20 years. I would hate to have to choose between my dog and cats!

If you were an animal, what type of animal would you be and why? I would be an eagle – powerful and majestic, soaring above the country side.

What is your most memorable animal or pet experience? I’ve had so many… swimming with stingrays in the Caribbean, happening upon Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep and seeing a bobcat in the forest by our cabin in Colorado, spotting a bald eagle over the Ohio river as I’m driving across a bridge, and watching our dog have a litter of puppies all come to mind. Nature is all around us – we only need to open our eyes to see it!

If you’re not working, where can you usually be found? I love hanging out and having fun with my family and friends – on the golf course, at a local trivia night, watching basketball, or eating at a local restaurant. I also love to travel – so I could be found almost anywhere!

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