Meet the PetFirst Pet Insurance Team: Sandra Stein, Controller

Sandra bringing dog to work, Kinsey

Sandra giving one of her dogs, Kinsey, a little loving during the workday.

Your name: Sandra Stein

How long have you been working at PetFirst: Two years

Pets at home (name, age, species, breed): Sadie-10 (she’s a rescue)-Dog-German Shepherd; Kinsey-9-Dog Shih Tzu/Min Pin; Romeo-9 (he’s a rescue)-Cat-Domestic Shorthair

What is your role at PetFirst? Controller (I watch over all the money)

What did you do before working at PetFirst Pet Insurance? I worked as an Accounting Manager for a family that invested in movie theaters, Jimmy Johns, farms and rental properties.  Before that I spent 22 years at a group of radio stations doing everything from Disc Jockey to Controller.

What attracted you to come work at PetFirst? A former boss was CFO here and she raved about it so much and I liked working for her so much that I decided to make the move when she had an opening for a Controller.

What is one of your favorite things about working at PetFirst? The people.  I felt at home right away here.  It was like I had been working here for years.

What is your ultimate dream job? Volunteering.  When I retire I want to spend my spare time volunteering.  I almost went into Nursing school so I would like to volunteer at a hospital.  I’m a former Candy Striper.

What is your life motto? What goes around, come around.  You reap what you sow.  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  I’m a big believer in karma.

What was your first pet, and what was their name? A little black poodle named Tony.

Are you a dog or a cat person? Don’t make me decide!  I’ve always had both.  I love how friendly and loving dogs are.  I also love how much personality cats have, plus you don’t have to worry about them as much.

If you were an animal, what type of animal would you be and why? Someone’s spoiled dog or cat.  I want to be pampered!

What is your most memorable animal or pet experience? I went horseback riding a few years ago on a farm outside Shelbyville.  It was a group ride but we were in total control of our horses.  That feeling of oneness with such a powerful animal ,that could really do whatever it wanted if it wanted to, was so exhilarating.  I fell in love with that horse and couldn’t quit talking about it for weeks.

If you’re not working, where can you usually be found? At home.  I’m really a homebody.  I like to relax in my sunroom with a good book or watch TV while knitting or crocheting.  Last year I discovered Adult Coloring Books!  Outside the house I like to go fishing or walking in the woods.  I’m not a camper, unless there’s an RV involved!

Sandra brings dogs to work at PetFirst Pet Insurance

Sandra’s dogs, Kinsey (black and white) and Sadie (German Shepherd at her feet) are permanent fixtures at the PetFirst Pet Insurance office. They are so well-behaved and loved by all the employees!

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