Day in the Life of Franklin : PetFirst’s Chief Wagging Officer

petfirst pet insuranceIf you’ve ever visited Our Team page or the PetFirst office in person,  then you’ve seen Franklin T. Dog, our Chief Wagging Officer. Katie, our CEO, rescued Franklin from Louisville Metro’s Animal House and he’s been a member of our team ever since!

We recently sat down with Franklin and followed him around to see what a typical day was like for our four-legged friend. From quality checks of the office treats to important meetings, Franklin has quite the busy schedule when he’s on the job. He helps ensure that our pet insurance plans are dog-approved and that our policyholders are well taken care of.


Franklin arises every morning before the sunrise and is known to be quite spry immediately, ready to tackle the day’s challenges from the moment he wakes up. Once at the office, he typically starts his day petfirst quality controlgreeting PetFirst team members as they walk in the door, keeping his paws crossed that each passerby will provide some sort of breakfast treat. The sunny spot by the front door is the perfect morning office for Franklin, who isn’t known to complain about his allotted office space.

In the late morning, he likes to spend his time visiting with our VP of Sales, Clint Lawrence. As our top sniffer, Franklin takes great pride in his quality control efforts, ensuring all of our PetFirst swag is pet-approved. A bit of a workplace rebel, he also occasionally takes his morning tinkle in Clint’s office.

After Clint kicks him out of his office, Franklin tries to visit as many people as he can before the boss, Katie, finds him and gets him back on task. He often sniffs out the treats in the Accounting Department at some point before lunch.

dog walking
Once Katie finds Franklin, he’s wrangled back to his primary office with the CEO. After the morning’s activities, Franklin likes to recharge with a power nap, commonly sleeping through the majority of late morning meetings and phone calls.


During his lunch break, Franklin likes to walk around the quad in front of the PetFirst office, but the always productive pup usually finds himself working even during his breaks. One of his favorite lunchtime duties is scaring the birds out of the bushes, a skill he has refined over the pet insurance policiesyears. Indeed, Franklin can spook birds with the best of them, a job which he first staked claim to in 2011, 4 years after PetFirst moved its offices to the renovated, historic WWII military warehouse.

After lunch, Franklin checks his email. He likes to read about the latest pet industry news and also check in with his Facebook friends (when no one is looking). He keeps asking Katie for his own laptop and is hoping he’ll get one after his next employee review session.


Afternoons are typically spent in important marketing dog in pet insurance meetingand sales meetings, where he assists in any capacity he is needed. He helps ensure that our teams are targeting the right audience and representing cats and dogs (mostly dogs) in the best way possible. Franklin makes sure that our sales team understands all of the many benefits of our pet insurance policies, and helps us keep our consumers top of mind.

Once the meetings are over, Franklin is a little hungry. He usually makes a run for the call center to visit the team, other pets and, of course, get some treats.  If you’ve ever called in to talk with our team, you may have heard Franklin running about or barking in the background. Fortunately for him, there are plenty of people to visit and places to hide when Katie comes looking.

After his call center shenanigans, Franklin typically ends up in Katie’s office for the rest of the day. Sometimes he’ll take a nap in the sun. If Katie’s out of her office, he climbs on her desk. Usually though, you’ll find Franklin trying to in pet insurance office

dog sleepingOnce the work-day is over, Franklin is happy to head home with Katie. He has a hard time staying awake on the drive home, as helping his mom run a pet insurance company is hard work!

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