PetFirst’s April 2015 Pet Of The Month Contest Winner


Mya is an amazing dog that has brought so much joy to her pet parents and definitely deserves to be our April pet of the month!

“We’d like you to meet our lovely Mya…..she will be three years old in March. She is the West Highland Terrier that captured our hearts after we lost our first adopted Westie,  Molly Rose, to bladder cancer in 2011……

Through other prior circumstances my husband and I had lost two sons when we decided to adopt a dog and Molly Rose came into our lives. She had helped us fill those losses so well with her boundless joy and loyalty.  Devastated again after losing Molly on 2011, we immediately began looking for another Westie.   We loved this breed and knew so much about Westies at that point.

This time we found a breeder in New England.  At the time Mya, was the last puppy left out of a litter the breeder had sold and she had been planning on keeping Mya.  However, she felt compelled to place Mya with us after hearing of our losing Molly and the loss of our sons.

The last three years have been filled with unlimited  happiness and joy shared with Mya.  She has only known love, kindness and peacefulness in our home and she is a  very calm and wise girl who has only affection and licks to share with everyone.  We were so taken by her personality that we went back to the breeder to get Mya a playmate and now we also have another Westie girl we named named Layla Sanaa……Layla and Mya are best buddies….and complete our little family.  Every day is an adventure and Layla has learned so much from Mya…. They both brighten each and every day.    There is no doubt that their presence and beautiful, loving energy have replaced feelings of sadness and helplessness over the  losses we have suffered.  We are so very thankful and blessed to now have them in our lives.”

-by Betty Robinson, proud pet parent of Mya

Mya - April 2015 PetFirst Pet of the Month Contest Winner


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One thought on “PetFirst’s April 2015 Pet Of The Month Contest Winner

  1. Betty

    We’re so proud of our girl Mya and thank you for awarding her “Pet of the Month” for April.” She’s healthy, happy and we love our Petfirst Health insurance plan.


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