PetFirst’s January 2015 Pet Of The Month Contest Winner


Shadow, a 7 year old Domestic Cat, loves napping in the sunshine and proves that rescuing adult pets is truly rewarding for first-time pet owners.

“I met my pet Shadow at a beer tasting at my local MSPCA Shelter. The beer tasting was outside and inside they had a cat room where you could go in and play with the cats. Well I went in there and sat down.¬† All the cats were coming over smelling me and jumping on me. Except for this one heavy cat, that just walked over and laid down next to me. She did not move the whole time I was in there. I just patted her and she purred, then fell asleep. I never had a pet before and was nervous to get one. Then I read her Bio on the wall and laughed to myself when it mentioned that she loves to take naps in the sun and is very sweet. I found a volunteer and asked about adopting her. I asked about Shadow’s past and they said they only know that she was found abandoned in an apartment. I got cold feet and left, without Shadow.

Two weeks later the same Shelter was waiving the adoption fee for adult cats. I said to myself “I will go there and if Shadow is still there, then it was meant for me to have her as a pet.” I went there as it opened and to my disbelief the line was around the corner. I thought for sure she would be gone. When they got to the family in front of me, they asked them who they were interested in adopting. They mentioned one cat as their first choice and Shadow was their second. I was happy she was still there but anxious that they might be going home with her. Next was mine turn. I rattled off that I met Shadow and she is the only cat I wanted. To my luck I got her first. Two years later and we are still best buddies that take as many naps as possible, in the sun.”

-by Erin Joyce, proud parent of Shadow

Shadow - January 2015 PetFirst Pet of the Month Contest Winner








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