Five Health Benefits of Teaching Your Dog New Tricks

January marks a new year, and renewed motivation for all the great things we hope to accomplish in the next 365 days. January also happens to be National Train Your Dog Month!

If you just recently added a new furry family member to your home, training the dog may be one of those New Year’s Resolutions. Whether your goal is training a new puppy, or teaching an old dog new tricks, health benefits galore exist when you spend time training your pooch!

Some of those health benefits include:

  • A better and stronger bond and trust between you and your canine counterpart.
  • The more tricks you teach, the quicker their learning response becomes. You’re making your dog smarter!
  • Many tricks build endurance, stamina, and even muscle tone which all contribute to your pet’s overall physical well-being.
  • If you take your dog to a dog-training course, you and your pooch are both benefiting from an active afternoon instead of settling in on the couch.
  • Training a puppy results in a positive way to release pent-up energy and boost concentration. Teaching an older dog new tricks stimulates interest in something new and exciting and helps keep them active.

Are you planning on teaching your tail-wagging friend any new tricks this month? Share some of your favorite tricks and teaching methods with us on our Facebook page!

Remember, the most important thing is building up an active, healthy, bond of trust between you and your dog. They’ll love you for a lifetime.

One thought on “Five Health Benefits of Teaching Your Dog New Tricks

  1. Paige Smith

    It is interesting to learn about how teaching dogs new tricks actually improves their health. Not only with physical health, but it also creates a trust bond. Learning about the different benefits of doing this makes me never want to stop teaching my dog new tricks.


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