Your Daily Cup Of Coffee Could Cover The Cost Of Pet Insurance!

How often do you go to Starbucks, or any other coffee shop; maybe it is Dunkin Donuts?

In a new report by the Consumerist, it is estimated that Americans spend $1,100 per year on coffee ($3 per day)! I love coffee as much as the next person, but this is a good chunk of money. Not only that, but the same report indicated that American workers spend an average of $37 per week going out to lunch, or almost another $2,000 per year.

1 Year with a daily cup of coffee $1,100
– 1 year of PetFirst’s Basic Plan pet insurance $455
– 1 deductible payment (per incident) $100

Difference $545

Even if you bought a pet insurance plan, you would still have more than $500 left in order to enjoy your favorite beverage, every other day. Or better yet, downgrade from your latte to a regular coffee, and you could still cover the cost of pet insurance.

This Basic Plan  same equates to $1.25 / day.

Daily Coffee/Latte $4
Daily Cost of pet insurance $1.25

Difference $2.75

In this economy, people are cutting back. Adding more than $400 to your yearly budget may seem rough. What if your pet suffered an unexpected injury that cost you thousands of dollars; could you cover it? For the daily cost of $1.25 of pet insurance, you could!

We recently received a claim for a Labrador retriever that cut his foot on an old door. The procedure to fix his foot cost $1,200. We reimburse 90%, meaning the pet owner was reimbursed $1,080!

When it comes to your pet’s health, we think you would agree that it is worth more to you than a cup of coffee.

Get a quote today and find a plan that works for you and your pet.

– PetFirst

*The calculations are based off of a Basic Plan from PetFirst Healthcare and one deductible payment. The costs will vary depending on the plan you select for your pet(s).

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