Age Is Just A Number

Many pet owners would agree that we grow to love our pets more with each passing year. As they are an integral part of our families, we want to ensure an excellent quality of life for them as they age.

The most important thing you can do for your aging pet is make sure they get regular veterinary exams. Early detection of common diseases like diabetes, arthritis and cancer can make a huge difference in the toll they take on your pet’s overall health. Another way to prevent health problems is to make sure your pet isn’t overweight and gets enough exercise. Dogs especially are apt to gain weight as their activity level decreases. Daily walks and playing with your pet are great ways to keep them active. Also, dental cleanings and exams should not be neglected. According to the American Animal Hospital Association, 70% of older cats and 80% of older dogs have gum disease. This causes bad breath as well as other health problems.

Veterinary medicine has made many advances in recent years to combat common aliments afflicting senior pets.  With new treatments for cataracts, heart disease and more, pets are able to live healthier, happier lives.

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