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Anemia in Cats - feline anemia

Anemia in Cats

What is Feline Anemia? Anemia in cats means they have a decrease in red blood cells. In a healthy cat, bone marrow responds to a low red blood cell count and increases the red blood cell production. If a cat has nonregenerative anemia, this means the bone marrow response is not sufficient enough to produce […]

dog greeting visitor

Top 4 Dog Behavior Questions

Here are some tips for the Top 4 Dog Behavior questions asked to dog trainers and pet behavior specialist:   What do I do if my dog barks like crazy when someone visits? This is called “alarm barking”. This type of barking normally stops and the dog calms down after the person is inside your […]

Dog Shedding - Grooming Tips

4 Tips for Surviving Shedding Season

You couldn’t tell it by the temperatures in some parts, but Spring has officially begun. That means it’s almost time for dog parks, sunbeam naps, and shedding. Lots of shedding. When your pet begins to shrug off his winter coat, it can feel like your sanity is beginning to slip. We’re here with four handy […]

kitten examined by veterinarian

Feline Leukemia in Cats (FeLV)

What is Feline Leukemia? Feline Leukemia, also known as FeLV, affects a cat’s immune system and is cancer-causing. This is a lifelong disease which can be treated but never cured. Are There Any Breeds Particularly Affected? There are not breeds particularly affected by FeLV; however, males are more likely to contract FeLV than females. FeLV […]

urinary tract disease in cats

Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease in Cats

What is Feline Urinary Tract Disease? Feline lower urinary tract disease, commonly referred to as FLUTD, does not describe only one condition but rather a plethora of conditions. Causes include cystitis, urinary stones and/or urethral obstruction. Are There Any Breeds Particularly Affected? No, there are no breeds particularly affected. Any cat breed can develop feline […]