Pooch - PetFirst September Pet of the Month Contest Winner

PetFirst’s September Pet of the Month Contest Winner

CONGRATS TO POOCH, PETFIRST’S SEPTEMBER PET OF THE MONTH! Pooch the wonder cat is definitely deserving of September’s PetFirst Pet of the Month Contest winner title. “My husband and I adopted Pooch, a four-year-old tuxedo cat, in February 2014. She’s everything a person could want in a cat, despite her dog-like name. She’s affectionate, gentle, mellow, […]

September PetFirst Testimonial of the Month Winner

PetFirst Testimonial of the Month – September Member Story

Congratulations to Alexandra Price as the winner of our September PetFirst Testimonial Monthly Giveaway! When Gunner was around 1 year old I got horribly sick with the flu and was bedridden for a solid 3 days; it took all my energy to get up and feed Gunner and take him out.  Typically a rambunctious ball […]

Pet Insurance Claim of the Month – September 2014

SEPTEMBER’S PETFIRST PET INSURANCE CLAIM OF THE MONTH! $448 paid to the family of Mickey Mouse, a Yorkshire Terrier from Arizona Mickey Mouse (the dog, not the mouse) had a terrible cough and needed the attention of his veterinarian right away.  Mickey, a 9-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, had a strained cough and just wasn’t acting like […]

microchip pet

Benefits of Microchipping Your Pet

Your dog ran off while at the park or the cat darted out the front door and you couldn’t catch him.  Oh no, what now?  Finding a lost pet is hard to do and for many pet parents can be a heart-wrenching experience.  Microchipping your pet is a step you can take as a pet […]

Bug - Elise Popowitz

PetFirst Testimonial of the Month – August Member Story

Congratulations to Elise Popowitz as the winner of our August PetFirst Testimonial Monthly Giveaway! “This is BUG, she is a 2lb Yorkie. She was surrendered to a Los Angeles shelter. The puppy mill she came from threw her out because she was flawed. I rescued her. The best of everything. Took her everywhere with me. […]