Is your pet’s illness an isolated incident or a chronic condition?

PetFirst lets you know how you and your pet can prepare for unexpected recurring conditions. In most scenarios, sicknesses come and go.  But that isn’t always the case.  Unfortunately, people and pets alike can develop illnesses that require ongoing treatment, care, or medication for years, sometimes even for the rest of their lives. These costs […]

Acupuncture for Dogs and Cats

Alternative medicine is growing in popularity, and acupuncture for dogs and cats is on the rise. Acupuncture, a treatment used on horses and even cattle since the early 1900’s, is rising to become a commonplace veterinary treatment for dogs and cats. What is acupuncture? Merriam-Webster defines acupuncture as: “An originally Chinese practice of inserting fine […]

Pet Insurance Claim of the Month – July 2014

JULY’S PETFIRST PET INSURANCE CLAIM OF THE MONTH! $3,722.21 paid to the family of Bree, a Labrador Retriever from Oregon. Meet Bree, a 5 year old Labrador Retriever who found herself sick just a few weeks ago.  After chewing and swallowing something she shouldn’t have, Bree became very sick.  She ended up having emergency surgery […]

PetFirst Testimonial of the Month Winner for July - Holly

PetFirst Testimonial of the Month – July Member Story

Congratulations to Ann Urbancic as the winner of our July PetFirst Testimonial Monthly Giveaway! “I have a beautiful mixed breed dog, Holly.  She is 8 years old and has been with me for the last three years.  We recently discovered a mass on her and had it removed.  Come to find out it was a […]

life vest

Water Safety Tips For Your Dog

Minimize your pet’s health and safety risks around the water this summer Summertime activities are in full swing and many families are taking trips to the lake  —which naturally includes everyone’s favorite canine.  Lakeside trips or any body of water with your dog can be incredibly fun, but it is paramount to be aware of […]

PetFirst 10 year anniversary

The PetFirst 10th Anniversary Sweepstakes

Celebrate 10 years of PetFirst protection, with chances to WIN for everyone in our 10th Anniversary Sweepstakes! Many things can happen in ten years. Here at PetFirst, there have been many changes since our humble beginning in 2004, but one thing that hasn’t changed is our pride in protecting pets with top-of-the-line pet insurance. To […]