Polly-Rachel McFadyen - Testimonial April

PetFirst Testimonial Of The Month – April 2015

Congratulations to Rachel McFadyen as our April 2015 Testimonial of the Month winner! “Polly is our lovely Sharprador (SharPei/Labrador cross). It’s not a boutique breed, but it should be!  Less than a week after we became her forever family, she jumped right through our bamboo hedge chasing after a squirrel and sliced open the inside […]

Pet Insurance Claim Of The Month – April 2015

APRIL’S PETFIRST PET INSURANCE CLAIM OF THE MONTH! $1,319.00 paid to the family of Maggie, an Aussie-Doodle from Oregon. Maggie, a 5 year old Aussie-Doodle with a history of dietary indiscretion, thought it was a good idea to eat 24 oz. of milk chocolate peppermint bark one night. Boy was she wrong. An hour later […]

Common Pet Myths

An old dog can’t learn new tricks. Cats have nine lives. There are plenty of adages and myths about our favorite furry friends, and sometimes common misconceptions can impact their lives and health. Let’s take a look at some common myths about pets. Cats always land on their feet It’s true that cats have an […]

Nothing to fool about – Pet First Aid Awareness Month starts tomorrow

April 1, is a day generally associated with practical jokes and pranks, but pet safety is no joke. April 1 also marks the beginning of Pet First Aid Awareness Month, and while you may be prepared to deal with first aid emergencies for your human kids, many people don’t think to prepare a first aid […]

Springtime Hazards for Pets

Winter has broken and Spring has finally arrived for most of us (we’re so, so sorry, New York).  You and your pet are itching to get outside, stretch your muscles and soak up some sunshine after a long winter hibernation, but be mindful of the unique hazards that Springtime activities can pose to your pet.  […]

To Declaw or Not to Declaw

Attitudes towards medical care change with the information, research, and opinions of the times. Twenty years ago, everyone declawed their indoor cats, and many of us probably thought very little of it. In recent years, however, popular opinion has shone a light on the pain, recovery, and psychological effects that declawing may have on cats. […]

Iggy - Joycelyn Bila_Testimonial-March

PetFirst Testimonial Of The Month – March 2015

Congratulations to Joycelyn Bila as our March 2015 Testimonial of the Month winner! “Our seven year old Chihuahua, Iggy, is a rascal. He’s always very lively, mischievous and playful but last year was a rough one for him. Suffering from severe gastric issues due to a gall bladder disease, Iggy was hospitalized for several days. […]