PetFirst Cautions Pet Parents of Pet Hazards During Easter Celebrations

Chocolate, lilies and decorative accessories are all dangers to our pets this Easter holiday. Easter holiday celebrations are officially underway with egg hunts, candy baskets and tons of chocolate.  But pet parents need to keep a watchful eye on their pets, especially around these traditional holiday treats and decorations.  PetFirst warns pet owners of the […]

Charlie and Morgan - testimonial

PetFirst Testimonial of the Month – April Member Story

Congratulations to Fred Rogers as the winner of our April Monthly Giveaway! “During the recent freezing temperatures and snow storms, Morgan found himself in a situation which required fire and rescue workers to save his life.  During a weekend trip to Long Island (which we do most every weekend) Morgan and his fur-brother Charlie ventured […]

Daisy and Duke - POTM

PetFirst’s April Pet of the Month Contest Winners

CONGRATS TO DaisyCharles & Duke, PETFIRST’S APRIL PETS OF THE MONTH! DaisyCharles and Duke Sammut are the winners of the April PetFirst Pet of the Month.  Read on to see how their pet parent’s life has changed since rescuing the two mix breed dogs.  “In November 2010, my Dad fell ill and I left my […]

Morgan - testimonial

Dog rescued from Noyac Bay makes news headlines

During the recent freezing temperatures and snow storms, Morgan, an eight-year-old mixed breed dog, found himself in a situation which required fire and rescue workers to save his life. During a weekend trip from New York to Long Island, a trip they make most every weekend, Morgan and his fur-brother Charlie ventured away from their […]

Rare Autoimmune Disease in Dog Leads to Extensive Treatment

PetFirst pet insurance reimburses pet owner $10,000 for care received in treatment. Autoimmune diseases are common in humans, but in pets too?  Trapper, a six-year old Labradoodle, and his family now know the extensive care needed and how dreadful a disease such as Evans Syndrome, an autoimmune disease in dogs, can be. “Evans Syndrome is […]

spring dog

Spring Safety Tips for Your Pet from PetFirst

Important tips to keep in mind as prepare for the spring and summer with your pet. Spring has officially arrived!  You do things to prepare your family, home and car for spring, but what about preparing your pet for spring too?  PetFirst has the following helpful tips for getting your fur-friend ready to spring into […]

Buster Begs

Dog Treats Made at Home

Making healthy pet treats at home can be easy and less expensive.  PetFirst found this recipe in the All Animals publication and wanted to share it with you!  Let us know what your pet thinks of these yummy treats! Peanut Butter Crunchies (yields 12 cookies) Ingredients ½ cup organic salt-free smooth peanut butter 1 cup […]