National Pet Dental Health Month: What You Should Know

If you’re like us, your pets are part of the family. They have play dates and day care and regular doctor visits to make sure they’re staying healthy, they even get regular haircuts and stockings at Christmas. However, even the most conscientious pet owners easily overlook one of the most important factors affecting their pets’ […]

It Pays to be Picky: Choosing a Vet

If you’re like us, you consider your pets to be part of the family. That means that finding a good veterinarian for your best friend is just as important as finding a trustworthy family doctor. The best time to look for a good vet is when you don’t desperately need one, so we recommend planning […]

How to Give Pets Medication

If you’re a pet owner, it’s virtually guaranteed that you’ll have to give your pet medication at some point during its lifetime. Depending on the medication, this can be tricky, particularly with cats. We’re here to help get your pets the medication they need with minimal stress and/or damage. To Give a Cat a Pill […]

3 Questions to Ask Before Going Grain-Free

We all want to give the best care possible to our best furry friends, just like our own children. And as the media and oftentimes pseudo-scientific “researchers” tell us every few days what we should and shouldn’t be eating or feeding to our kids, they say the same in reference to our pets. We’re often […]

5 Things Your Cat Wishes You Knew

Ah, cats. They’re notoriously aloof, unapologetically indifferent, and overall quite perplexing creatures. Although we develop strong bonds with our pets, the language barrier (or lack thereof) prevents them from telling us the handy tips that may help us crack the mystery of cats. Read on for a few things your cat may tell you if […]

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Pets

The holidays have passed and it’s time to face reality again. That means it’s time for New Year’s resolutions. As is traditional, we’ve set our sights on losing weight, saving money, and getting organized. But don’t forget about your best four-legged friends! There are plenty of ways to help your pets stay healthy and active […]

You Can Say YES to These Table Scraps!

Pet insurance blogs spend a lot of time warning you about foods that can harm your dog, why you shouldn’t feed your dog from the table, and other dire warnings that your dog doesn’t want us to give you. But it’s the holidays, and there’s food everywhere. Not only is your dog likely going barking […]

Pet Insurance Claim of the Month: Electric Shock

A recent PetFirst claim reminds us all to keep our cords hidden from our pets, especially during this time of year when extra cords can be found around the house from lights. A brief overview of the claim: Electrical Shock for Gipper (7-year-old Mixed Breed Dog) Vet Bill:                 $941.40 PetFirst Paid:     $757.27 The story: […]

4 Ways to Help Pets During the Holidays

During the holiday season, it can be easy to get swept up in the commercial consumerism of it all: rush here, buy this, wrap that, open that. Many people find solace from the stress of the holidays by giving back to those in need. There are plenty of charities that assist children, seniors, the disadvantaged, […]